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Staff Applicants: A Guide to Applying!

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by HandGrenade, Aug 7, 2015.

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  1. HandGrenade

    HandGrenade Administrator

    Jun 20, 2015
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    Hey Everyone,

    As it is the beginning of Staff Applications for the Serendipity Network, I thought I would create a guide to help people when applying for Staff with us. I know from experience that creating a Staff Application can often be very hard and you are never sure how much is enough, so this guide will include advice and information which will hopefully help anyone who is looking to apply.

    General Advice:
    • Try to use as much detail as you can when applying. (Detail doesn't necessarily mean three paragraphs on one question!)
    • Answer all questions. All questions are compulsory (With exception to the Prior Experiences), and failing to answer these will cause an almost instant rejection. We would like you to answer all questions to a high degree, as it will show you are committed and put effort into what you do, which is one of the many things we look for in staff.
    • Try to sell yourself, include some details about what makes yourself unique and different from other people applying. Why should we choose you over others?
    • Do not lie on your Staff Application. We will check, and if you have lied, it will cause your Application to be instantly rejected.
    • Be as honest as possible with your application. If you have been punished, being honest is the best thing you can do. This shows you are mature and are past what has happened. (This does not mean we will always accept you if you have been punished) You may also think that lying about your age will help you, it doesn't. We do not usually base your application off your age, we base it off your level of maturity.
    • Please do not ask any member of staff about your application, before or after it has been submitted. At times there can be several staff applications in at the same time, and this on top of what the staff already do, can make our jobs very hectic.
    • We are looking for people who are active and familiar in the community. People who are social to other players and staff, and show a willingness to help.
    • Do not use or copy from any of the previous or current staff applications, this is plagiarism and will give you an instant rejection. This will also look bad on any further applications in our community.
    • Keep your application neat. An application that looks good to the eye is always great. Us staff can often have to look through many applications in a short time and this can often impact our eyes, so please don’t use bright colours or fancy texts, also try and only use bold for questions or headings.
    • It is important that if you have longer answers, you should put spaces in between the questions. Thee first few questions (Name, Age, Time zone, etc) don’t matter as much, but longer sentences and paragraph answers do.
    • Please use the correct template and format given, otherwise your application will instantly be denied. This can be found here.
    • Using clear language and grammar is one of the most important things in a staff application. It is so satisfying to read an application which has decent grammar and punctuation, instead of reading an application which says something like “i wunt 2 b staff coz i kan halp ppl”.

    The last point I would like to make is to go back through your application and check it. This is probably the most important word of advice I can give you, and so many people never bother. I urge you to fix any mistakes or answer any questions you have missed, trust me, this really will help if you missed something you didn't notice.

    I would like to thank you for putting your time and effort into reading this guide and hope it will give you a better understanding when applying for staff. I hope for many applications and cannot wait to see what interesting and unique answers are yet to come.

    Kind Regards,
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