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Serendipity Quickstart Guide

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by Phantom Ash, May 29, 2017.

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    View the "How to Join" page

    When you first connect to the server, you will be in the Vanilla lobby server that we call "The Expanse". This server functions as a gateway to the modpack servers, and is also a fully functional survival server.

    The spawn area of Exp (The Expanse) contains information on server rules, as well as some basic commands available to you. On first joining, you will spawn in a room underneath with all the info. Read these signs before making your way to the top area, which is where you will spawn from then on.

    From the top of the spawn platform, you should be able to see pathways going off to each of the different modpack servers, each of which are labeled with their corresponding modpack abbreviation. Each path leads to a colored portal that will take you to that server.

    View the "Disabled/Banned/Limited Items" thread.

    /rules - Lists the rules of our community
    /vote - Lists our available vote sites to vote for coins
    /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn of the current world
    /rtp - Teleports you to a random location in the current world
    /tpa - Send a request to a player to ask for you to teleport to them
    /tpahere - Send a request to a player to ask them to teleport to you
    /tpaccept - Accept a pending teleport request
    /tpdeny - Deny a pending teleport request
    /list - Lists the players on your current server
    /glist - Lists the players on all servers
    /msg - Messages a player directly
    /r - Replies to the last received message

    So you want to earn some coins to use for Nation protection, or for purchasing items from the admin shop on your server (not available on all servers)?

    Here at Serendipity, we encourage the use of our vote system for obtaining coins, which can be accessed on this page, or by the /vote command while in-game. Voting helps provide players with coins to help protect their creations while also helping to support the server!

    When voting, you will always get at least 250 coins per vote, with up to an additional 100 coins depending on your luck. This means that each day you can /vote each day and gain enough to afford around a week of Nation protection.

    View our simple "How-To" for Nations

    (Currently Under Revision)

    Playtime: Default rank

    Playtime: 30 Minutes

    Playtime: 2 Hours

    Playtime: 12 Hours

    Playtime: 4 Days and 4 Hours

    Playtime: 6 Days and 6 Hours

    Playtime: 8 Days and 8 Hours

    Playtime: 10 Days and 10 Hours

    Playtime: 24 Days and 14 Hours

    Playtime: 62 Days and 12 Hours

    Having trouble with connecting to a server, found a bug, or maybe someone is breaking the rules? Let us know! We can't help if you don't tell us!

    We recommend using our public Discord #support channel for any Serendipity-related issues you might have. It's the quickest way to get in touch with our entire staff team.

    If it's a larger issue, something that requires more detail, we recommend creating a thread here on our forums, in the subforum that best fits the situation. Be sure to include as much information as you can. If it's a server-specific issue, make sure you include which server. If it's location-specific, include coordinates so we can take a look. If it's crash-related, attach any necessary crash reports.

    If the issue's primarily in-game and there's a staff member in-game, keep in mind that we have multiple servers, so that staff member might not be on the same modpack as you. You are free to ask for help in-game in that case, but we recommend still going to Discord for support.
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