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Serendipity Mega-Update!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by JWTech, Mar 18, 2020.

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    Jun 20, 2015
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    First, the stuff you really want to hear about.
    NEW SERVERS!! That's right, server(s) plural. More than one.


    » Skyfactory 4 is NOW AVAILABLE: Was a little tricky, as it had a handful of major game-breaking issues and exploits, but we've patched them all out in preparation for today's launch, so have fun! Connect to the server with sky.serenmc.com.

    » Private Vanilla 1.15.2 server OPEN FOR BUSINESS: We realized, entirely by accident, that a good chunk of people, our staff included, had been playing the latest vanilla in singleplayer or on separate servers, not knowing we were all doing the same thing. So now, officially, Seren will be offering an "always latest version" private vanilla server for Elder ranks and above, as well as donors and staff members! Connect to the server with vanilla.serenmc.com or type /vanilla from the lobby.

    » Secret server coming soon???? We might be bringing back a certain special server and modpack from the dead, back from the days of 1.7.10. Or we might not, ya never know. In fact, there might even be a secret something hidden in one of the servers that unlocks access to it... or maybe not.

    And now for the stuff that isn't as exciting to most of you (but took ages to setup).


    » Complete network overhaul: We've quite literally reworked the entire backend for this. The whole network infrastructure was taken offline for the better part of a day and replaced, fixing a good handful of issues all at once. That being said, you should now be able to join the lobby with any client version 1.7 up to 1.15 without issue.

    » Reworked ingame currency: The old currency system got ripped out and replaced with a brand new, properly working one, and don't worry, all your money got transferred over in the process.

    » No more ontime/playtime: Along with changing our currency system, we've also gone and brought back the old-school Seren economy ranks! Now you don't have to play on the server for a decade just to get the coveted Grandmaster rank, but instead you can buy it with Seren coins! Try it out by using /ranks while on any of the modpack servers (lobby doesn't count).

    Here's an example of how the new /ranks looks:

    » Voting overhaul: Voting now gives you more than just 500 coins each time, with each vote giving you a key to the vote crates at spawn, with a handful of potential items to be obtained, painstakingly selected for each server by our staff member squishey123. Sadly, we had to remove the lucky vote system for now, but we'll be adding it back as soon as we're able to work out the bugs.

    We've been working on this for what seems like ages, putting substantial time and effort into what I hope will come to be a solid foundation for Seren to really start to grow from, so I hope you all enjoy! There's also a good chunk of updates we didn't mention, like the Discord changes we've started on, and all the integrations we're adding, so stay tuned for those!

    » Additionally, we have a BRAND NEW showcase/trailer video for Serendipity!

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