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Refund Plugin: Please Read!

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by HandGrenade, Sep 17, 2015.

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  1. HandGrenade

    HandGrenade Administrator

    Jun 20, 2015
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    We are always looking to improve and enhance the way we provide support to our players. This guide is aimed to help provide players a better understanding of how our Refund plugin works, how to use the plugin, and the process which we go through with all refunds.

    Refund Process:
    The refund system starts when a player has an issue which requires some form of a refund. A moderator would then review the situation and determine whether the player is eligible for the refund. If they are, a refund request is created.

    Once the request has been created, players are free to add items to their refund request using the commands described below. After the player is sure they have listed all their items for the refund, the can sign it off, and they will no longer be able add to the request.

    After the player has completed and signed off their refund, an admin will review the refund and decide whether the refund is eligible. They will then either approve or deny the request. If approved, the items will be placed in your inventory. If the request contains more items than your inventory can hold, they will be delivered in ‘waves’, until all items have been refunded.

    At times, there can be incompatibilities with Meta ID’s and Item ID’s, and this can cause you to be delivered incorrect items. If this does happen, please be sure to create an in-game or online ticket.

    /refund add <amount> <item ID> <metadata ID>
    This command is used to add specific items to your refund request. You can find the Item ID and Meta ID through the NEI Search function. The ‘metadata ID’ refers to the numbers which are after the ‘:’ on items. If there are no numbers after an item, you can simply leave that blank. For example, '/refund add 1 35 11' Would add 1 Blue Wool to your refund request.

    Items which contain NBT data will not refund properly and will usually cause issues. These can include, but are not limited to: Complete Tinkers Construct Tools (Feel free to add individual parts), Forestry Bees, Knapsacks and other forms of bags.

    /refund edit <amount> <item ID> <metadata ID>
    This command is used to edit the quantity of an item currently in your refund list. For example, if you have added 300 Blue Wool (Item ID: 35:11) to your refund request, however you only needed 100, you can run '/refund edit 100 53 11'. This would alter the refund to only provide you with 100 Blue Wool instead of 300.

    /refund sign
    This command is simply used to sign off your refund once you have added all the items to the list. Once your refund has been signed off, you are no longer able to add or edit items on the list.

    If you feel your refund was unfairly denied, please be sure to make an in-game or online ticket.

    A special thanks to Nickewa, our hard working and dedicated Developer, for creating this amazing plugin!

    The Serendipity Team.
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