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Protecting Your Things (How-to Guide)

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by Elstealthed, May 15, 2017.

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  1. Elstealthed

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    Jul 8, 2015
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    We now use GriefPrevention (GP) as our protection system!

    You get claim blocks, used for claiming a region as your own (which protects it), by being active on the server. You also have the option of buying claim blocks with coins, at 1 coin per block, by using the "/buyclaimblocks" command, followed by the number of blocks.

    You can create a claim by equipping a golden shovel and right-clicking the first and opposite corners of the area you wish to claim. The claim's height is automatically from bedrock to the top of the sky.

    After creating your claim, you can see your claim's information with the "/claiminfo" command. Many of the options in the claim information can be clicked to view further info or change settings.

    To see how much your claims will cost to maintain, use the "/claimbank" command. To deposit coins into your bank so that your claims don't expire, use the "/claimbank deposit" followed by the amount. Be sure to do this while being inside your claim, and after using the "/claiminfo" command.

    You can also use the "/claiminfo" section to change your claim into a Town, which will allow you to add subdivisions and more, as well as taxing your town members to help maintain your town's upkeep.
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  2. JWTech

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    Jun 20, 2015
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    Over on the servers we use a plugin called Nations to deal with all the land protection that we need to ensure no accidental or mischievous damage takes place (although not 100% protections however staff will work hard to ensure any bypasses are fixed and dealt with swiftly).
    Due to the amount of Information I've included spoilers to allow easy access to the information.

    Personally i'd recommend looking through the first 2 Spoilers to ensure you're aware of any basic information that you would need to keep your base safe and protected.
    More information will be added to the guide soon, If there is any information you would like explained or feel is missing feel free to send me a message or contact me via the discord. :)

    Hope that this helps anyone understand or even learn something new.

    The plugin is essentially like Towny Advanced, as in a player is able to create their own nation using the command [​IMG] But we will explain more of this further on.

    Firstly you'll want to do a bit of exploring to find the perfect location for where your nation will start and will need 3 gold ingots.
    Then you'll need a bit of in-game money [ Don't worry you can earn money easily via /vote daily!]

    Nations Cost money. To create a nation you'll need $250, for each block claimed you'll need $0.25 and Daily your Nation bank will need $100 Per Citizen to pay the Up keep.

    Once you've found the perfect location use the command [​IMG] , The <name> should be replaced with whatever name you've chosen.For example a Nation called exampleville would use this format /n create exampleville, However if you wish to use a space for example my Nations name Project Z you would use Project_Z, All spaces must be an underscore to register properly.

    This will create a 1 block protection, Its best to do this either in the corner of where you want to claim or within the area.

    Now that you've created the nation and are ready to claim the area you wish to protect you will need to use your 3 Gold Ingots to a standard Golden Axe.

    The Golden Axe will be used as your Nations Tool, This will allow you to mark out the location of which you wish to claim as your nation.

    If you place your Golden Axe in your hand and left click on the ground it will give the message below in your chat box, This will save that block as one of the corners of your claim.

    Now to mark out the exact area you wish to protect you will need to go to the opposite corner diagonally but this time use Right click which will show the below message.
    [​IMG] Take note of the number displayed within the brackets, This shows you how much land will be claimed if you use the area you've marked out.(this allows you to work out how much money you'll need to put in the Nations bank to claim the land so 0.25 x The number within the brackets = Price so this will come to only $72 .)

    To add the money you need for claiming the land we can use the command /n deposit <amount>, so to claim the area above i would need to do /n deposit 72.

    Okay so you've now marked out the location and added the required fund to the Nation we can start claiming!
    Simply use the command /n claim. If successful you'll receive the following message in the chat box.

    Now that you've got a Nation and you've claimed some land you're basically ready to go explore the world and enjoy Modded Minecraft, However the Information included in this section will help you keep and run your Nation.

    The first command you'll want to get used to using is /n info
    This is the command that you'll use to show you all the information you need to know about your Nation, For example here is the result for /n info for my Nation.
    At the top it shows us the name of the Nation (Project_Z)
    Size this shows us how many blocks we have already claimed and also the current maximum blocks claimable ( so ive claimed 288 blocks but i can claim a maximum of 2000 currently)
    Money This shows us how much money is currently within the Nations bank, you can increase this yourself by doing /n deposit <amount> or by using the taxes from citizens (if you have any join you.)
    Upkeep This is how much the Nation will charge per 24 hours. The amount show will be taken from the Nations bank (This will increase depending on the amount of Citizens Upkeep = $100 x Citizens) ENSURE THE NATION BANK IS ALWAYS ABOVE THE UPKEEP OR RISK LOSING THE NATION!
    Spawn This is the way you return back to your Nation, you can set up to 3 spawns using the command /n setspawn <name>. To return to the spawn point once set use the command /n spawn <name> or use /n spawn and click the correct name in chat.
    President This is the owner of the Nation, If you've followed the first section it will show your name.
    Ministers This is a list of Ministers the Nation has, Ministers are essentially the Nations staff members.You can make a player a Minister by using the command /n minister add <player>. This is grant them all of the permissions that a President will have apart from the fact that they can't add/remove other ministers or change the president.
    Citizens This is a list of all the Citizens that below to the Nation.You can invite players using the command /n invite <Players name>. If you have been sent an invite a message will show in your chat box asking you to accept or decline the invite (simply click on the one you wish to do).
    Permissions There are two sub sections to this which will allow you to toggle the Outsider permissions (anyone not part of the nation) and the Citizens permissions (anyone that is part of the nation), Simply click the Permission to toggle it from off (Red this means they don't have this permission) or on (Green like the Citizens permission to Interact with my Nation). Changing these permissions will change them for any land you've claimed if following the first section. However if you have claimed a Zone (this will be explained later) it will not change that areas permissions.
    Flags These are the Nations rights for Explosions to do damage, Mobs to spawn,If players are able to join the Nation without needing an invite, if PvP is Possible, If fire is able to be created and if the Nation is public (meaning players are able to come to the nations spawn point using the command /n visit <nations name> <spawn name>.

    Other commands that may be useful are:
    /n taxes <amount> This is the amount of tax that you will be charging each Citizen ( Do Note that players who are set as Minister are Tax avoiding meaning they will need to use /n deposit to contribute to the Nations finances) Its generally ideal to ensure that the Taxes are able to cover the increased Upkeep that extra Citizens cause.

    /z create
    If you select an area within your nation like you did to claim it you can use this command to make a zone, This is a personal area for a citizen with zone specific permissions avalible. You can set the zones name by adding the name to the end of the command for example: /z create Plot will create a zone named Plot.
    /z forsale ($) or /z sell ($) Once you've created a zone you'll need to use this command to allow a Citizen to buy the zone, just replace the $ with the desired price. (the price can be 0 to make it free if intended )
    /z claim or /z buy While standing in the Zone, using this command will buy the zone making it personal to whoever bought it.
    /n show or /n mark both of these will do the same thing, These will give you a Purple effect to show you what land your nation owns, If the Nation is using zones it will show up as a green effect for land within a zone.
    THIS CAN TAKE EFFECT ON YOUR FPS USE WITH CARE-Doing /n mark or /n show will cancel the effect again!
    Effect for a Zone shown in green next to the purple effect showing land claimed by the Nation.[​IMG]
    /n setname This command will allow you to change the name of the Nation if you wish/need to.
    /n buyextra <amount> This command will allow you to expand your maximum blocks claimable if you require it. it will cost you $0.5 per extra block bought.

    Once you've established a nation with a few members there may come a time when you wish to have land claimed further away from your main settlement.Either a location specific build or to include a friend who already has a base setup.
    To be able to achieve this you'll be needing something called an outpost.

    Outposts are similar to creating a new claim,However they do not need to be adjacent to a currently claimed area.
    Outposts will cost slightly more to claim than standard claims ( can been found using /n prices, Actual price details will be edited in at a later date!)

    To claim an outpost you'll need to go to the area and use the command : /n claim outpost.

    This will claim an area similar to when you use /n create [name], However it will still be linked to your nation.

    Now you are able to select the area you wish to claim and do the same as a normal claim to claim it.

    Just make sure you use /n setspawn [spawn name] to ensure yourself and any nation members are able to reach the area again.
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