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Minecraft - What got you into it?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by TomatoInTheSky, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. TomatoInTheSky

    TomatoInTheSky Administrator
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    Jun 25, 2015
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    So, when I was in my younger days (9-12 years of age), I used to watch a lot of Let's Plays. To be more specific, I watched a lot of Achievement Hunter let's plays. Before they played Minecraft for PC, they started on the Xbox 360. Thats when I had first heard of Minecraft. Every Friday at 7 PM I would sit at my mini HP laptop and watch their let's plays. They were pretty hilarious and they still are! So the first thing I did after watching some of their let's plays was to beg my mother for a 4000 Microsoft Points card (when they still existed). Eventually she gave up and bought me the card after days of nagging. That's when I first started playing Minecraft.

    After about a year or so, I discovered a whole new world (*cue music here*). My friend introduced me to Syndicate. A gamer who used to play a lot of Minecraft for PC. I watched his whole Let's play FTB Unleashed series and fell in-love with all of the new items modded MC brought. Then once again, I nagged for a Minecraft account. And again, I eventually got one. Now i'm sitting here writing this!

    So that's what got me into Minecraft.
    What about you? Leave your posts below!

  2. PiggyWhiskey

    PiggyWhiskey Member

    Mar 27, 2016
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    For me it was a game to try.
    I started with a pirated copy. (Notch says it's okay)
    Then I decided I liked it quite a bit. And I bought it.

    After discussing it with a few friends they introduced me to modded Minecraft (Feed The Beast first)
    This was when 1.4.5 was starting to wind down.

    I'm still trying to decide whether that was a good thing or not. When I play MC it usually is "all or nothing" until I burn myself out and take a break.

    For YT'rs, I used to love Direwolf20, but now it just seems.....bland.
    His builds are very imaginative, but there isn't the classic attitude of "Bigger IS better"

    I've discovered Kryllyk (Canadian, splits technical builds for YT, and the cosmetic builds for Twitch)
    and Hypnotizd (Quite enthusiastic, but can be a little hopeless with some things. Makes me want to scream at my monitor)
  3. Ockman

    Ockman Member

    Jun 20, 2015
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    I started playing minecraft in 2011 around 1.2.2, back when Minecraft for the computer was mostly web based but you could launch it up if you wanted to play offline. Now the main reason why I got interested in minecraft was the Yogscast "Shadow of Israphel" series which started late the previous year. After begging my parents for ages they got it for my 13th birthday as a sort of coming of age thing (it was my first ever online game, sad I know).

    After I got a copy I was quickly told about modded minecraft, and all my friends told me to join two servers and play on both. One was a vanilla Minigame server that still stands today with some 30k daily players, and the other was a no banned items tekkit server. Since I was watching the yogscast for most of my minecraft video time, I was thrilled when they started a tekkit series of their own.

    But after playing only one pack for almost a year, and watching others play it constantly, it got boring fast. I knew everything about tekkit by heart at that point and I wanted more, something new and actually challenging. That's when I found FTB and ATL. I have been playing massive kitchen sink packs ever since (most notably resonant rise) and I was one of the first people to play a HQM pack because of my following (stalking) of many FTB devs.

    And then I started getting bored of most packs because they were all basically the same. I started looking for custom packs, full of mods I didn't even know existed. And I found Unlimited 5. After that I pretty much stuck with it, skipped all of U7 and 8 for family issues, and came back for the last week of U9 (it was a big family issue lol). And here I am, still busy with school but back actively on U10 :)
  4. EnderN3x

    EnderN3x Member

    Apr 24, 2016
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    Oh wow, where do I begin. I was first introduced to minecraft my freshman year of high school back in 2009. If my memory serves it was still beta at that point.

    A friend of mine at the time was skipping class because well to be a bit blunt wasn't a very reputable fellow, however I digress and return to the story. The class I was in that period was a CAD class in a dedicated CAD lab with a super easygoing teacher. So being the guy my old friend was he just walked in and sat down next to me and loaded minecraft up in a browser.

    After watching him play for a few minutes really made me interested and I asked him about it. He gave me the general run down of what it was and gave me a username and password that once again being the person he was could have come from anywhere. However it didn't bother me at all considering the two of us were already the suppliers of games for my entire school (great story if I might add, may tell it sometime).

    Later that night when I got home and was ignoring my homework I loaded it up to give it a try. At first I only thought it was ok (and I honestly still feel the same about vanilla minecraft) so I stopped and kind of forgot about it.

    About a year later or so (a couple versions out of beta I think?) I was messing around online and saw something about tekkit. As I do when ever I discover something new I don't really know anything about I do some research on it and it looked amazing. I downloaded the tekkit launcher and unfortunately the account info I had was no longer valid (not honestly surprising), so I broke down and bought a copy.

    I started in right away trying to create rudimentary auto processing setups using build craft pipes and industrial craft. I also quickly learned equivalent exchange 2 and won the game (this was before the survival patch too).

    Seeing as how I had basically won the game and I was a pretty terrible builder (still am [expert dealing with the intricacies of mods however]) I stopped playing. Once again about a year later (so a junior now) I discovered bukkit. Bukkit blew my mind. The first thing I did was start my own server and recruit a bunch of people from my high school to play. I even went to the point of sudo editing plug-ins to fit my needs. However as most things go people stopped playing and it ended up getting boring and once again I stopped.

    Then right at the start of my senior year one of my friends introduced me to FTB monster. There were so many machines and things to play with right then and there the fiery pits of the underworld opened up and I signed that contract selling my soul to notch.

    From there I started to craft my own packs and explore other new packs eventually leading me to serendipity's door step. From the first moments I spent walking around spawn in Unlimited X I knew I was going to go on to do great things here.

  5. Zovoka

    Zovoka Member

    Aug 24, 2015
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    I started playing in September 2010 during beta. A month before the fabled Halloween update. A buddy of mine in high school was playing it in the computer lab, and it got me interested in the game so I ended up pirating it to play single player for a week or two. I thought it was awesome and ended up buying the game while it was cheap. I had started going to random servers, at first survival servers, and then to faction servers, which were awesome. I spent so much time learning the ins and outs of raiding faction bases way back when. I eventually met someone at my high school who was into building awesome stuff, and so I joined him on a creative mode building server, where we built awesome stuff. In our spare time we played on treepunch, which was a hard core survival server. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/show-your-creation/screenshots/1587195-the-journal-of-junthor That was us, I was kingofdoom. My friend was Jyro.

    Eventually I moved back into factions, and then quit and came back a bunch. I helped out a guy with his server making his website, that server was pvpzone. http://www.pvpzone.org/ Which is still up and running today, but with a different site now. I ended up running short on time so Shanko moved to enjin since it was easy to run.

    I did more factions, was staff on various servers for the times I played. I eventually went and tried to make my own factions server, which didn't go as well as I had hoped, but it was fun anyway: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1361053-doompvpspleefdeathmatchmcmmofactionshardcore-pvp/ Frost_Skyder was someone I met in a faction server, and we had a lot of fun with it. Eventually I just shut it down and moved on. Later I developed plugins for a server called SeverePVP, until I got bored of doing it, but I had fun while it lasted. I later joined another faction server and ended up then later making another faction server with someone, FrostPVP, but the guy tried to betray me, and I took over, and kept it going for as long as the donations lasted. That was a fun run as well.

    As far as modded minecraft, earliest I can remember was tekkit 1.2.3 where there was ee2, I played that with my roommates and we had tons of fun. Later we looked at other packs and servers and ended up playing unleashed back in 2012 on serendipity. After a while we decided to try out unlimited, which back then was unlimited 2, or the end of it. At some point I ended up becoming staff on serendipity, and then at some point I quit the game for a while. When I came back I was staff again for a while, and then unstaffed for not answering enough online tickets back in unlimited 4.
    I basically quit after that, and only came back when as2 came out on the server. I became like a king on it, and eventually quit out of boredom. I came back again for unlimited 9 and did basically the same thing before quitting. Before that I had played expert mode with my roommate on a private server. Now I am back again, but for skyblock.

    I have a long history, hope you enjoyed my life story, I will leave you will some old videos and pictures from back in the day.

    From way back when:

    A block glitch from way back when:

    Something I built a long time ago:

    Some PVP:

    I was cringe with my music tastes back then.

    Also some pics of my builts from the past.

    The last one, I built the back part, the large black building with the windows.

    You may remember it, I built it for Serendipity.
  6. WarthogW01

    WarthogW01 Fire Lord

    Sep 7, 2015
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    First off, I saw Minecraft and was disgusted with the idea of it at the beginning. A bunch of people in an old Halo CE group I was in started a private server back in the Alpha stages of Minecraft. I tried it anyway with the "Classic Mode" they had on the site, playing it in browser while listening to Marathon themes. The overall idea of the game interested me so I ended up getting it. So here I was with a brand new game along with Halo CE, and not having a clue of what to do.

    Of course, the private server was eventually shut down as the Halo group kind of slowed down with people needing to do other important real life things. I was asked by another person about starting our own server around Beta 1.3-1.4 which didn't last very long, it was more of a fun thing to do with our time. Of course, the guy actually hosting the server dropped off the internet(may god have mercy) and I dropped Minecraft entirely for a while.

    And then I met who I can only refer to as Forderp, as he tried going as Fordo for a username but was not the brightest individual. He of course dragged me back into the "Classic Mode" as he didn't have the game yet. I went back to it helping him build random crap. He then later got the actual game and found a public server during Beta 1.6 and convinced me to get on after a couple of weeks. Beta 1.7.3 was the best time I've had with Minecraft thus far. After a couple of map changes and version updates, I was promoted to moderator on that server and built random things once again. At some point I decided to build a castle and it has proven to be one of my most well known builds as I built a version of it, then tore it down by hand and remade it bigger, and then they made stairs connect to each other so I tore it down again. It also sparked the first "Warthog Design", which was just a simple mix of Glowstone, Obsidian, End Stone, and Nether Brick. I will probably never finish that castle. This is also where I learned how to make stairs bend funny and cause "Mind Breaking" stair designs. I ended up making an underground labyrinth that looked overgrown with the stairs.

    After that, I tried a bit of recording YouTube videos and other crap which I have almost nothing to show for. I ended up playing a bunch of Mini Game Servers with a couple of friends before ending up going to a pack made by HatFilms. Played in their pack for a while before meeting MissEmai, ShieldWoTD, and Raine. Since a good thing never lasts, their pack was shut down and we bounced from pack to pack till we ended up here.

    I'm a person that plays in large chunks at a time, then gets burnt out and can't go back to it for a long time. I will eventually be back or something. Who knows cept the fire that's still burning?
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  7. Flightgirl

    Flightgirl Member

    May 7, 2016
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    My cousin actually- he had minecraft and I watched him play it. I broke everything I touched when I played it. XD..
    My grandfather got me a game card a few months later-- and here I am now. :3
  8. NosajDraw

    NosajDraw Member

    Mar 2, 2015
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    I just kept hearing about this game called Minecraft, I'd watched a few videos on Youtube, but they were of people building redstone powered CPU's whilst sheep got in the way, yet the chat was all about having fun with friends.

    I tried the "classic" version, but couldn't get it to work.. so I just purchased it in the end, I found myself a village which I adopted, I was terrified of the hostile mobs and having built a wall around the village, rarely left it except when caving. I expanded the village with new homes and under ground areas, shops and dwellings, I built community work areas and sign posted the whole village. All this was around the time when the game introduced cocoa beans, and suddenly I discovered Techic, no idea how or why, I put my existing world onto a Tekkit server and ran a white list server for a while.

    When FTB came out I ran another whitelisted server for about a 9 months, but in the end gave up as the technical issues were getting beyond my ability to deal with. After that I came to Serendipity and have with some breaks here and there, remained ever since.
  9. _MicroBot

    _MicroBot Member

    Oct 15, 2015
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    I guess I'll hop on the bandwagon d:

    I first found out about MC back when I was in my home country(S. Korea). I wasn't extremely enthusiastic about the game, until my friend introduced me to a thing called "Noblesse's Box" (Not 100% sure if it still works). That's when I really got into the game, since it was much more interesting with mods.

    Later on I found Technic, and FTB, which got me more into modpacks. While browsing around the technic site for modpacks that I would enjoy, I found Serendipity (VII? VI? I don't remember). I really enjoyed that modpack since it was server-based and the community is amazing. Also, I made two friends on that server, and they were really nice. But after the world reset and several chunk corruptions, they stopped playing. I decided to stop for a while too, since it's not really fun playing alone. Eventually, I forgot about Serendipity.

    Several months later, I remembered about Serendipity. I decided to get back on. I was quite happy when it was still standing, since it's one of my favorite server/modpacks.

    And here I am now, on the forums, typin' this passage.
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