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How To: Find a Crash Report

Discussion in 'Crashes and Bug Reports' started by Elstealthed, Sep 26, 2015.

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    Jul 8, 2015
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    When you're experiencing a crash in-game things can become frustrating, To help you can send us the crash report via the support section on the forums or via the discord support channel.
    Below is a guide to accessing the location for the crash log and how you can upload them to be able to send it to us allowing staff to view and help find a solution to your issue quickly and efficiently.
    Firstly you'll need to open the client and then select the instances tab, Then scroll to the instance you need the crash report for like you would to launch the modpack.(For this i'll be using the Resonant Rise pack.)
    Simply click the bottom right button shown here, [​IMG]
    This will directly open the modpacks folder.

    From here just locate the crash-report folder and open the file which has the corresponding last modified date/time to the crash you are reporting to us.

    Now that you have located and opened the crash report you can move on to the 'How to send us a crash report' section of this post
    FTB Launcher
    open up your launcher and navigate to the options tab at the top. this will show you a window like the one shown below.What you'll need to look for is the install folder section

    For example my folder for FTB is located in my C: Drive so i would need to open that folder location to find my instances for that specific launcher.


    Once at the install folder you'll need to open the corresponding instance folder to the pack you received the crash on then look for the crash-reports folder which will contain the relevant crash report.

    Once you've found the correct crash report by looking for the relevent date/time modified you'll be ready to move onto this forum posts section 'how to send us a crash report'.
    Twitch client
    open the client and click the settings icon in the left menu at the bottom to open the Settings GUI.

    Once you've accessed the settings GUI you'll need to navigate to the minecraft tab and look for the 'Minecraft installation location' as shown below.
    Once you've gotten to the Minecraft installation location simply open the instances folder (here you will find a list of all Instances that you've installed).[​IMG]

    Now that you've selected the correct Instance just select the crash report folder and the correct crash report with the corresponding date/time modified.

    Now that you have the relevent crash report you're ready to move onto the 'How to send us a crash report' section of this forum post.

    If you have already found your crash report but are unsure of the best way to send it to us then the below section will help guide you in the best way to do so.
    When sending a crash report to us its recommended to use a service called GitHub Gist[https://gist.github.com/] When you first open the link you'll be presented a page that looks like this. [​IMG]

    In the box labeled 'Gist Description simply just enter your username and put Crash report in the box labeled filename including extension' this will help us know who's crash report it is while open.

    Next open the crash report and highlight the whole document and copy the selected text, You'll need to paste the entire contents of the crash report into the larger box.

    Here is an example I've created. [​IMG]

    Once done simply click the button that says create public Gist button which will then take you to a window like this one shown here.

    Lastly just send us the URL of this new page and paste it either in the crash report section of the forums or within the support section of our Discord chat along with a brief description of the issue (for example any error messages you receive or the last action you took before the crash and a member of staff with assist you with the issue as soon as possible.

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