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Disabled/Banned/Limited Items

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by JWTech, Jun 30, 2017.

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  1. JWTech

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    Jun 20, 2015
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    List of items either disabled, banned, or limited by Serendipity due to game-breaking issues or crashes. This list does not include anything already removed by default modpack configs.

    NOTE: We do not remove anything unless necessary to maintain proper gameplay.

    ExtraUtils2 Quarry
    Removed on Select Servers: Caused Server Crash Loops

    RFTools Dimensions
    Removed: Caused Server Crash Loops

    IC2 Nuke
    Removed: Protection Bypass

    IC2 Scrapbox
    Removed: Dupe Glitch

    RFTools Space Chamber
    Removed: Caused Server Crash

    ExtraUtils2 Builders Wand
    Removed: Caused Server Crash

    TinkersConstruct EFLN
    Removed: Protection Bypass

    EnderUtilities Mob Harness
    Removed: Caused Server Crash

    Removed: Wipes Inventory
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