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Approved Ban Appeal - Chilipikipls

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Mr. X, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Mr. X

    Mr. X Member

    Jun 20, 2015
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    Username: chilipikipls
    Rank: Sovereign
    Action (ban, tempban, etc.): 5 day
    Offence for which action was taken: Mass quarrying, with a 'complete
    disregard' for other players
    Why should the action be reversed?:

    I'd set up a large quarry in the Nether, a good distance away from the /warp drop off, with a world hole and a pump. My intent was in regard to other players who might set up a portal that would drop in that area - Instead of them having to dig through dirt with no way of knowing exactly how much further they would have to dig before they'd be out of the quarried area, they'd instead drop in one of the side caverns and could build a small ledge out and be able to see other edge caverns and openings and be able to build stairs right to whatever cavern or opening they wanted - As a side benefit, they'd also have easy access to the exposed ore in the walls. The pump was included to remove any encased lava to prevent lavaflows from happening.

    When I realized that the pump wasn't actually working as intended, I pulled the world hole upgrade to stop more pillars from popping up. By this point a lot of the the marked section was already done, so I didn't think that letting it finish would have harmed anyone. If I'd seen anyone mentioning that their nether portal was in the quarried section then I'd have offered to clear them a path to a unquarried section.

    I'll admit, I should have went to staff over the lava flows, but having only seen one portal being dropped in that area, and seeing no specific mention of them in chat, I didn't expect it to be a issue. I'd been working on clearing the pillars out on the off chance that a portal dropped in before the reset, and I was intending to finish clean up later today, but with only one portal having been dropped in earlier and the distance between my quarry location and the public warp in I didn't think that it would cause any issues.

    I knew that the quarry could potentially disturb someones nether pump setup, so when the quarry was running I was routinely checking my ME for pumps and tesseracts. I'd only picked up one setup though, which I'd immediately returned as soon as the owner logged back in.

    As for the mass quarrying itself, this was established before I'd gotten a DD portal which is why I didn't just go to the DD to do this. Still, given that the general response to 'where do I quarry' is to use one of the alt dims that are routinely reset I didn't think that it would cause any issues given the precaution I'd intended. I probably should have split the quarry up around differing parts of the nether, but I figured that having everything in one local area would have been preferable to a 5x5 here, a 10x10 over there, and so on.

    Saying that I set my quarry up with a 'complete disregard for other players' is a misstatement, and assuming I'm remembering the size of my quarry (I'm thinking it was 30x30?) and the size of the nether (500x500?) it's incorrect to say that I'd destroyed 'most of the nether'.

    For what it's worth, I am sorry for any harm my quarrying caused but it was - despite what some staff may believe - completely unintentional.
  2. tubbytoad42

    tubbytoad42 Retired Staff

    Mar 1, 2015
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