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Town Aleksandria-UX

Discussion in 'Towns & Nations Discussion' started by Elstealthed, Apr 20, 2016.

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    Jul 8, 2015
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    What is Aleksandria?

    Aleksandria is a Community based town found over on Unlimited X Managed by Elstealthed [Mayor] ,SorrowfulAngel [Co-Mayor] and Sssssss340 [Assistant]
    For those of you who don't play Unlimited X or don't know what Unlimited X is Head over to here.
    Welcome to Aleksandria!
    At Aleksandria we welcome new players to join us as a place of sanctuary and a chance to be part of a community working together and helping each other.
    Rent per plot = $200
    [This consists of the standard $150 cost of the Plot for upkeep plus $50 towards keeping the town running.]
    Cost to buy a plot = $500
    [This covers the costs of claiming the chunk as a plot.]

    What we currently have:
    • A Basic Town Workshop, which offers Residents the access to a Smeltery, Tinkers tables, Pulvus and Anvil.
    • Portal Hub which includes a Deepdark portal, Nether portal and Twilight Forest portal.
    • Town Market -This incorporates a town mob spawner offering low prices mob drops [All sales go towards the town upkeep]
    Soon to come:
    • A PvP Arena which will be free to use by Residents if they wish and town based events that will be hosted in the near future which will include a Prize system for the winner.
    • Ingots to the town market - Trouble finding a certain ore? Find it within the Town Market!
    • Your suggestions - As you noticed above i mentioned that Aleksandria is a Community based town, This means that town Residents can make suggestions towards what the town adds [All suggestions are accepted by either myself or the town staff].This allows you to suggest what you feel would benefit the town the most and actually have it considered to be added rated on the maturity of the request, usefulness and achieve-ability of the project.
    How do i join?

    If all of this has you interested in becoming an Aleksandrian and you're looking to join the town then simply message myself [Elstealthed] in-game to receive an invite!

    Rules-Info-Small print
    1. I'm online every night, Except rare occasions due to IRL events.
    2. The town is ran by two Moderators with a SrAdmin as town staff - If you are suspected of breaking the server rules they can and will inspect your plot and inventories.
    3. Those who fail to pay their Plot(s) Rent will have the plot removed and emptied after 3 days of discovering a fallen plot.
    4. If you are planning to be away due to IRL events please private message me on here to secure your plot in the event of the rent being missed(plot will be protected until the time you give for your return - after this time the plot will be emptied, removed and/or re-rented where needed.
    5. If town staff have to warn you repeatedly to stop doing something within the town they have the right to have you removed where felt necessary-The town staff member holds the right to allow you time to find a new town before removal if they wish.
    6. If you are temp-banned and lose your plot without notifying myself [Elstealthed] before it happens you will lose the plot(s) and items within.
    7. No Residents are to edit or Sculpt the land around the town within 3 chunks without speaking to Myself [ Elstealthed] before doing so.
    8. Be kind and helpful to fellow town members, not everyone is brilliant at spelling, grammar, minecraft or general designing of builds.- Use common sense and respect at all times.
    All Server rules are to be followed at all times.

    Town Updates will always be posted in this thread.Make sure to check often if you are a Resident of Aleksandria!​
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