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by JWTech at 5:42 PM
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Our new Omnifactory server has just dropped in to replace our chonky ATM3:Remix server, and we're releasing a special full-sized map for people in the Discord server! For anyone wanting to continue their adventure on ATM3:Remix, you can click here to download the map files.

As well, all servers have been updated to their latest releases.

We've also added a handful of new features to the entire network, like a new sign-shop system and shop areas you can rent (similar to how the old Seren shop system worked), new custom auto-restart notification system, anti-lag item clearing, an item/block restriction system, and a handful of overall improvements to the network.

If that weren't...
by JWTech at 9:20 PM
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We splurged a little, and threw some money at a very powerful server machine so we can really start hosting some packs again!

New server hardware:
  • i7 8700K @ 5.0 GHz
  • 64GB DDR4 3200 MHz
  • 2 x 1TB NVMe SSDs in RAID
Can pre-gen an entire 5k block radius in 10-15 minutes (old server took hours).

New servers now available:
  • All The Mods 3: Remix (v1.4.9): atm.serenmc.com
  • FTB Stoneblock 2 (v1.15.0): stone.serenmc.com
  • FTB Ultimate: Reloaded (v1.9.0): ult.serenmc.com

Check out how to join the servers here: https://www.serendipitymc.com/forums/threads/1146/

Don't forget to vote for us, to help get things rolling, and get some coins in your balance!

Join us on...
by JWTech at 12:25 AM
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For around a year, we've been hosting multiple modpacks at Seren with very minimal donations (not nearly enough to cover hosting costs). We've been able to do this thanks to the help of our friends at ToastyNetworks through our partnership with TastyNode.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Toasty is having to downsize their network, which includes the removal of server machines that Toasty was helping share with Seren. This will effect DW20, Beyond, ResRise, and the Expanse

Because of that, we're taking advantage of the opportunity to announce that Seren will now be offering modpack servers for MC 1.12, including SevTech: Ages, Direwolf20, FTB Continuum, and FTB Revelations!

SevTech: Ages is currently being provided by TastyNode, with love from our friends at BisectHosting. They're also offering an exclusive discount of 25%...
by JWTech at 5:59 PM
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Massive update to kick off the holidays and new year! Everything from new server machines to a new website, as well as a ton of other stuff that we can't wait to show you all! We've been working on this update for months, and we guarantee you'll love it!

Happy holidays, everyone!
by JWTech at 6:20 AM
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After a slight delay, we're proud to announce that the "Halloween" update, now being referred to as the "November update", has been finalized and is now done! With this, the largest change is the switch to GriefPrevention (GP) as our protection system instead of the Nations system we used previously. This is due to the fact that GP tends to be much easier to use, has much more support for mods than Nations, and recently has even added support for Towns, allowing both a personal and Town claim system.

For the following week, both GriefPrevention and Nations will be usable on the servers to give people a chance to switch their Nations to GP themselves. Any Nations that do not change to GP will have their Nation bank refunded before Nations is removed, to ensure that you'll still have plenty of coins for GP. Our protection system guide ( https://www.serendipitymc.com/threads/1110/ ) has also been updated to reflect this change and now includes information on how to use GP....
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