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by JWTech at 11:17 AM
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by JWTech at 10:44 PM
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It's Public Beta Time!

Come on over to the new server, help us test while we continue to configure the servers, and report your findings here on the forums or in the public beta Teamspeak channel!

Join us in the Teamspeak and help with development!

MC IP: beta.serendipitymc.com
Packs: Vanilla, Resonant Rise [latest]
(FlatFactory coming soon)

by JWTech at 5:21 PM
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Many of you may have noticed a recent slowing of progress here at Serendipity. This has in part been due to the managing staff's increasing lack of availability. As a final result, funding for the servers had diminished, servers had gone offline, and planned updates had to be put on hold.
But wait!

We are pleased to announce that Serendipity will now be continuing operations under the new, community-centric management of staff members from both Serendipity and our long-time friends at the TastyNode Gaming Network, and will be led by sssssss340 and myself as representatives from Seren and Tasty respectively.

In a sense, Seren will begin to become a community that is run "by the people, for the people". This change may seem a bit unexpected, though we feel that this decision is most...​
by sssssss340 at 10:19 PM
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ALL: Please See Here
*Cue Drumroll*

I'm sure some of you have noticed a lull in activity on the network recently, as well as an absence of many of the staff members and a server or two. Well this is because we have been hard at work in the development of an entirely new Serendipity experience with:

Modded Minecraft 1.10

Yes, it exists. We are working on it. Stay tuned to this thread for more teasers throughout the week, with the below sections filling in day by day. Feel free to ask any questions you would like me to answer in the comments below.

1/2/17: Modpack 1 reveal: Industrialbox

1/3/17: Donation store update:

Ranks shall remain the same.
Basic list of S-Point packs:
Applied Energistics 2 Starter
EnderIO Conduit Pack...​
by sssssss340 at 11:35 PM
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Effective immediately, the Unlimited X server is being shut down due to a lack of player activity, in order to reallocate resources.

But why? Mwuahahahaha
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