Welcome to the Serendipity Network

Dive into the cutting-edge of modded Minecraft in a diverse and exciting collection of servers.

We're one of the Top Modded Networks for a reason

Active Support

Our large group of support staff both ingame and on the website help to ensure that all possible issues are resolved in a timely and professional manner.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Our servers run on top-of-the-line dedicated computers hosted on gigabit network connections at regional datacenters.

Great Community

Our vibrant community of dedicated players ands staff helps keeps the Serendipity Network one of the top modded Minecraft communities out there.

Towns System

Join a town or create your own with as many other players as you like. Your items will always be safe as you grow your empire.


Enjoy Serendipity Multi-Realms on several of our servers, completely eliminating lag and opening whole new worlds of possibility.

Ranking System

Upgrade and build your rank in our unique ranking system, and enjoy your rank shared across the entire Serendipity Network.

More entertainment value than you
know what to do with

With multiple servers in the network with consistent updates and more
additions to playable content being constantly implemented, there are almost no limits
to what you're capable of here on the Serendipity Network.

Check Out Our Magnificent Collection Of Servers!


Follow the ever-popular Youtuber and Minecraft fanatic along his epic adventures with this modpack. Installation instructions...


Hundreds of hand-picked mods for performance and playability. Constantly updated with new content for your enjoyment. Installation instructions...


As if brought back from the dead, the infamous Ultimate pack rises again. Will you manage to survive and conquer? Installation instructions...

Ultra Modded Survival

Massively dynamic and unpredictable. Dinosaurs, power suits, magic spells, living blocks, why not?

Material Energy 4 (Coming Soon)

Hypercube it up with the latest version of ME4, filled with cookies, potatoes and plenty of explosions.

Vanilla (Coming Soon)

For those that aren't as familiar with modded Minecraft, we offer an excellent alternative that remains connected to the rest of our network.